Inquisitively Questioning Inquisition

I would like to start out by asking a question that may or may not be a simple one. How important is inquiry? When I read these inquiry projects, I begin to understand how asking questions can lead to interesting discoveries. For “Seeking Revenge in the Underworld of Stolen Bikes,” I think that the main question would be “What big problems exist that we don’t normally hear about?” The project “Humans of New York” ask “What is a typical life in New York?” or “How can the size of a city effect how diverse the area is?” I have actually had personal experience with “” and it is pretty incredible. I think that their main guided question was “Are people interested in their family history?” I feel as though unique ideas generate through this process of inquiry. With each new topic, there are more questions to be asked which in turn gives us more to build upon when it comes to analyzing those topics. With that being said, I most definitely believe that these projects represent what I define as inquiry. Personally, I deal with inquiry a lot in my life. I have always been one to ask questions, whether I actually ask them or not, and when I find a topic that really stands out I do as much research as I possibly can. I think that inquiry is an important part of being able to develop strong research because if you do not have the ability to ask questions and collect information then you will certainly lack the ability to develop strong arguments.

The link that I have posted goes to a website called “” and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever is reading this thinks I’m crazy, but I think that it is one of the greatest examples of inquiry. Fantasy sports is all about analysis and it always has people questioning “What would be the right move.” There are people, such as myself, who might dedicate an absurd amount of time into researching different players while analyzing every single detail which might affect their performance such as whether they are home or away, what the conditions they will play in, who they are playing, if they are healthy, etc. Fantasy Sports is based almost entirely upon the process of inquiry.

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